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Frequent questions

Where does Alpha & Omega offer its simulated visit and virtual workplace safety training services?

Alpha & Omega offers simulated visits and virtual training to Latinos throughout the United States. However, we are located in Kansas City, so we can go anywhere in the Kansas City metropolitan area to guide and train you.

What is the virtual inspection assistance offered by Alpha & Omega?

Virtual Inspection Assistance provides guidance and support to your work team at any time for assistance during a surprise OSHA inspection.

How can Alpha & Omega assist in defending OSHA fines/citations and claims?

Alpha & Omega can help reduce the costs associated with OSHA fines/citations at your workplace by representing and advising you during the informal inspection conference.

What is the importance of machine and job site safety assessments performed by Alpha & Omega?

These assessments identify opportunities to reduce the possibility of an OSHA citation or employee injury due to insufficient safeguards or controls on machines and in the workplace.

What are the fine/citation costs for 2024 based on severity categories established by OSHA?

Based on the severity categories established by OSHA for the year 2024, fine/citation costs vary significantly. For serious violations, non-serious violations, and publication requirements, the fine is $16,131 for each violation. Failure to correct a violation by the specified correction date results in a penalty of $16,131 per day. For violations considered intentional or repeated, the fine is $161,323 for each violation.

Is Alpha & Omega affiliated with OSHA?

No, Alpha & Omega is not affiliated with OSHA. We are the first private organization in Spanish with experience in OSHA requirements. At Alpha & Omega, we specialize in providing workplace safety consulting services in Spanish, helping companies comply with OSHA regulations and improve workplace safety.

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