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Ensuring your job security is our top priority!

We detect what others miss. With expertise in OSHA regulations and a knack for pinpointing industry risks, we're here to help you avoid fines and safeguard your workplace. Rely on our 35+ years of experience to keep your business protected.

Alpha & Omega is a consulting company specialized in workplace safety, dedicated to detecting hazards that could go unnoticed by supervisors.
With experience in OSHA Safety and Health regulations, we understand the risks inherent in various work environments, such as the construction industry.

Our team of engineers has more than 35 years of experience in the private sector and more than 13 years in the government sector, allowing us to offer expert advice and representation during OSHA inspections to help reduce costs associated with fines and citations.

Team of engineers with more than 35 years of experience in the private sector and more than 13 years in the government sector


Services and Training

OSHA Mock Visits

Alpha & Omega will come to your workplace to conduct a mock OSHA inspection so you can close any gaps before a real inspection occurs.

Virtual inspection assistance

Virtual Inspection Assistance allows guidance and support to your work team at any time for assistance during a surprise OSHA inspection.


Defending fines/citations and OSHA claims.

Let us help you reduce the costs associated with OSHA fines/citations at your workplace. Remember, fines continually increase at the beginning of each year.


Machine safety assessments at your workplace

Machine safety risk assessments allow you to see what opportunities exist in your current equipment and what is needed to reduce the possibility of an OSHA citation or, worse, employee injuries due to insufficient safeguards or controls.


Workplace safety assessments

Workplace safety assessments are critical to reducing workplace injuries and evaluating the effectiveness of your safety policies, programs and procedures.


OSHA Recordkeeping Assistance

A complete review of each program and interviews with employees to ensure that what is in the safety programs reaches your workplace.


Development of Safety and Procedures programs

Let Alpha & Omega develop your security programs and company policies so you have everything you need to make your security program stand out.


Safety inspection forms

Let us develop much-needed inspection forms to help keep your site in compliance with all OSHA inspection requirements.


OSHA Training and Education

We provide safety training at your job site to meet all OSHA and company expectations, ensuring that thorough training has been completed and there is sufficient documentation of employee training.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Alpha & Omega's OSHA mock visits help my company?

Alpha & Omega's mock OSHA visits allow any compliance gaps to be closed before an actual inspection occurs, resulting in compliance with government OSHA regulations, fewer injuries and accidents, increased productivity, elimination of workplace lawsuits over conditions unsafe conditions and an increase in employee morale.

2. How can Alpha & Omega assist in defending OSHA fines/citations and claims?

Alpha & Omega can help reduce the costs associated with OSHA fines/citations at your workplace by representing and advising you during the informal inspection conference.

3. Where does Alpha & Omega offer its simulated visit and virtual workplace safety training services?

Alpha & Omega offers mock visits and virtual training to Latinos throughout the United States. However, we are located in Kansas City, so we can go anywhere in the Kansas City metropolitan area to guide and train you.

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